Live Music: Miguel and his ‘War and Leisure” concert tour


by: Cathy Foreman

On March 28th I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to take in Miguel and his War and Leisure Tour at The Fillmore. Here’s a recap of the night:

I’m not a fan of Miguel per-say, but I do appreciate good music and great entertainment. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but had high expectations as one of my colleagues is virtually obsessed with this guy. I can now say that she is obsessed for good reason. While I was not able to take in the full concert, in the time that I was able to see him, he did enough.

 Photo of Miguel by:  Cathy R. Foreman

Photo of Miguel by: Cathy R. Foreman

First things first. Miguel is about family. While this fact doesn’t necessarily apply directly to my recap of the show, it makes a bold statement for me. One of the opening acts is none other than his brother, who goes by the moniker, Nonchalant Savant.  Now I didn’t know this tidbit prior to going. I heard Nonchalant reference Miguel as his brother but you know how we are about adopting people as our brothers and sisters… so I just rolled with it. It actually wasn’t until after the show, when I was checking out some of the pieces running rampant on social media that I realized they truly are brothers. To say the least, I was impressed. One thing that stood out for me was when Miguel talked about how the things he’s gone through are allowing him to guide his brother through the process. I love that.

He’s an entertainer, for sure

 Photo of Miguel by  Cathy R. Foreman
Photo of Miguel by Cathy R. Foreman
 Photo and Artwork of Miguel by  Cathy R. Foreman  - Available for purchase at her  site .
Photo and Artwork of Miguel by Cathy R. Foreman – Available for purchase at her site

Now for the show. The lights go low and another photographer from Vulture and I make our way towards the pit. The first song is not really a song but a PSA highlighting the activism in which Miguel is involved, regarding the support of immigrants.  I have to be honest … I thought, oh no, he’s pulling a Kanye and will not come out until after the third song. If you didn’t know, typically we only get to photograph the first three songs of any set. I inched over to the security guard and asked would this count as one of our songs. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I have no idea.” So I just resigned myself to the fact that I needed to get what I could get, which I always do. The video is over and from a puff of smoke, Miguel appeared on the upper level of his set and goes into his record Criminal. As a portrait photographer, I was a bit worried as to whether or not this would cause an issue for me and specifically what I do, but it ended up providing an opportunity for me to get some full frame images. As the song goes on, he performs and dazzles us with some pretty snazzy dance moves. He’s an entertainer, for sure.

He provided some great moments while gliding across the platform and working with his mic stand. Finally he’s making his way down the next level via  ramp … this provided more opportunity for him to showcase his footwork while gliding back and forth and even laying down on the ramp. Secretly, I’m like yes… keep it coming…come to momma so I can get what I need. And so he did. By this time, he was on the last song, How Many Drinks, and we had to work fast. The crowd was going wild as they watched him dance his way across the stage before finally taking off his jacket.

I must say, for the portion I saw and was able to capture, I was impressed. I can totally understand why SneakShot is enamored with this fella.