Five Reasons You Should Be At MoogFest This Week

by: Shumara Thomas

MoogFest (May 17th-20th) is a multiple day festival celebrating artists and all things electronic in Durham, NC.  Each day is packed with insightful classes, speakers and events of all genres but in endorsement of electronic music and its future.  Yet not everyone is into electronic or techno music. I get it. The hard bass and synthesizers don’t grab everyone. Even though the last several years we’ve seen genres like R&B and Hip Hop come to embrace it in a trendy fashion,  not every music lover is sold. That’s cool. So for those who think it’s NOT for them, we’re going to list several reasons why you’d be crazy not to purchase at ticket anyways.

  1. KRS-One: Since his Boogie Down Production days, this emcee has always been a monster on record and on stage. There’s a reason why he remains on most hip hop fans top 10 emcee list of all time. This is a can’t miss moment to see one of the innovators of hip hop in their element. How often can you say that?
  2. Pete Rock: The infamous DJ, producer and second half of the duo Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth is a late addition to the already huge Moogfest lineup. Pete Rock graced the Raleigh-Durham area with his presence a couple years ago but if you didn’t catch it that time the music gods have blessed you with another chance. His DJ set promises to be fire.
  3. Ali Shaheed Muhammad: Another late addition to the roster, this A Tribe Called Quest member is a renowned and producer. Besides his work with ATCQ and the supergroup Lucy Pearl,  he has worked with artists of every genre and music favorites such as Common and D’Angelo. I haven’t seen one of his sets before so to say I’m excited doesn’t even cover it
  4. Gemynii: What’s the point of having such a dope festival in Durham if you can’t support local artists? Her abstract portraits focus on African -American culture and are stinkin’ gorgeous works of visual and mental stimulation. She’s been featured in numerous galleries locally and were told she’s a pretty amazing  person as well so meeting and grabbing a piece of her artwork for your home is a no brainer.
  5. Workshops: Goodness gracious, pick one. Or ten. Or more! There are screenings, workshops, art sessions, multiple performances and DJ sets sprinkled in. Don’t know much about synthesizers, there are classes to learn about them.  I mean there are way too many great activities name so we suggest you pick a few, being a friend and enjoy!