A Thought: Who you should be reading

by: Tania Lasenburg

Black Book Bloggers

I was never one of those people that felt that I needed to see more of a particular race in certain things. Job opportunities, yes. Business owners, yes. But for books not so much. It wasn’t until I became heavily involved in the book community and realized that the promotions, the attention, the followers aren’t going to Black book bloggers.

Yes, you can say that there aren’t many out there. I may actually agree with you but because the community for Black book bloggers is so small or limited, you would think you would know more about them because they would be sorted out, especially from Black authors right? Well, not exactly.

I can go on and on about how for the most part as a Black book blogger if you don’t fit the mold, you won’t receive the attention, your non-Black counterpart will or I can just refer you to some amazing book bloggers, who are in every way Black and proud.

Lit-really Black

A website dedicated to the “exposure and promotion” of black literature. Although not exclusive to only Black authors, reviewer Jazmen, makes it her mission to share the good, bad and ugly of Black literature (this is my favorite blog by the way).

In Tori Lex

Tori, a real-life lawyer, brings something unique to the blogging world with her clean, crisp page of book reviews and book hauls with law lingo. Between her well-selected gifs and personal photos, this blog is one to subscribe to.

Blissfully Read

This blog hits your romance needs. After a hiatus, reviewer Brit is providing readers with not only your run of the mill romance but also those steamy new adult novels that are better than you think. What makes her blog unique is it is not exclusive to Black authors and physical books. This means you will get reviews on those kindle books, with the shirtless guy on the cover ^_^

Monlatable Book Reviews

Monica takes it back. While still being up to date with newer reads, mostly adult fiction with a sprinkle of Young Adult, she reminds you of the classics. I don’t mean “The Great Gatsby” or “Of Mice and Men” but the Walter Mosley, the Toni Morrison and Eric Jerome Dickey. This is great. As there are so many new books coming out, it is important to take a step back and remember those books that help pave the way and create a movement.

Opals Book Jems

Ms. Opal is a young girl doing some great things. But I choose her on the list for a different reason. Although her blog is light and contains nothing but Young Adult (I read YA and you should too), her Instagram page is over 8000 followers. Because of this, she started book blogging and it’s on the come up. She is someone to watch.

Read in Colour

This blog is very straightforward with book reviews and what you should be reading. I appreciate that. It is honest book reviews from authors and characters who are Asian, Latinx, African, Native & African American. The different books that are presented on this site opens your shelf to so many different reads. It really is a beautiful thing.

Brown Girl Reading

Brown Girl Reading is a hidden gem, that I just recently discovered. The blog is like the quietest place in the corner of the library, minding its business until you come along to strike up a conversation. I love it for its honesty and simplicity.

Mahogany Books

Mahogany books are way more than a book review blog. It is a full-blown literature website that details reviews, new releases, and original content. I also forgot one important thing… they are a BOOKSTORE. Seriously, this site is everything you love and aspire to be.

This list is small but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more Black book bloggers making their way. If you know any, let us know! We would love to add to this list and support.