In My Feelings

by: cathy foreman


I havn’t been so anxious or so charged up about an election since 2008, when then Senator Barack Obama was running for President of the United States. And even then, I’m not even sure if I was this on edge. This midterm election season has completely wiped me out. Between trying to convince people to Vote, to these races that could have been monumental shifts for us as a nation respectively, I went bed drained, but with endless hope and prayers for positive outcomes.

Sadly, I awoke to some disbelief at both a loss and uncertainty. There is still a fight to be won and I for one will be closely watching as outstanding ballots continue to be counted, praying for a decision confirming Stacey Abrams, but preparing for a possible run off. I can’t for the life of me understand why this particular race is so annoyingly close. Since I’m not an analyst I won’t even try to dissect and apply rationale to that notion outside of some of the obvious pain points that occurred on election day. Yet, I still hold out hope that as ballots continue to come in from provisional to absentee, that there is still hope for a shift in power.

As a woman and one of color, I will say that I am proud of the number of people who voted, the number of women elected and specifically the number of women of color elected to local and state level seats. This is amazing. Women are speaking and making sure our voices are heard – no longer quietly sitting in the corner, cast to the side as irrelevant or of no concern. Now is the time for us to take control use that control to benefit all who have been overlooked, shunned, disrespected and abused. IT’S OUR TIME. Now let’s do some work in preparation for the 2020 Election Season, I’m dubbing “The Road to Redemption.”

 In case you’re unaware, here are some milestones that we should celebrate:

  • First Native American Women: Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland

  • First Muslim Women: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

  • First Somali-American Member of Congress: Ilhan Omar

  • First Openly Gay Man Elected Governor: Jared Polis

  • First Female Senator from Tennessee: Marsha Blackburn

  • First Female Senator from Arizona: IT WILL BE A WOMAN, too close to call

  • First Hispanic Women to Congress from Texas: Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia

  • First Woman Governor from South Dakota: Kristi Noem

  • First Woman to Congress in Illinois: Lauren Underwood

  • Record Number of Black Lt. Governors: Garlin Gilchrist, Juliana Statton, Mandela Barnes …

  • First Black Woman Attorney General of the State of New York: Tish James

  • 100 Women Elected to US House of Representatives

  • First Black Woman to Congress from Connecticut: Jahana Hayes

  • First t Black Woman to Congress from Massachusetts: Ayanna Pressley

  • First Woman and African American District Attorney of Boston: Rachael Rollins

  • Youngest Woman EVER to Congress: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  • First Latina Governor of New Mexico: Michelle Lujan Grisham

  • First Women to House from Iowa: Abby Finkenauer and Cindy Axne

  • First Woman Governor of South Dakota: Kristi Noem

  • First Woman Governor of Maine: Janet Mills

  • First Jamaican American Woman as Judge in South Florida: Jackie Powell

  • First African America Woman as Sheriff in Pitt County, NC: Paula Dance

  • First Black Attorney General of New York: Letitia James