Tristan Walker’s Bevel Acquired by Procter & Gamble

by: Shumara Thomas

Tristan Walker and his brands Bevel and Form are leveling up! Bevel has made a name for itself in the beauty and grooming industry with its highly rated clippers and razors, catering to people of color. Their marketing had always focused on one of the pillars of the black community, the barbershop, using black and white imagery and artists like brand ambassador Nas, and Black Thought to solidify their fresh. .

They recently added new grooming products like beard balm to their repertoire and Form is poised to become a great addition to the already booming hair care industry as well.   With today’s announcement Tristan Walker is taking it global!

Walker & Co. have announced their acquisition by Procter & Gamble, best known for grooming products like Gillette. According to Tristan Walker he will remain on board as CEO but he and his 15 member team will be relocating to Atlanta as a part of the merger in the first half of 2019.

With access to all of P&G’s resources, there’s nowhere to go but up for Bevel and kudos to Tristan for choosing to remain at the helmets and ensure his brand remains committed to the values they’ve embraced! We can’t wait to see what’s next for Bevel!

 Image Courtesy of Tristan Walker for Entrepreneur Magazine
Image Courtesy of Tristan Walker for Entrepreneur Magazine