That Vibe: Notes and Narratives’ Playlist of the Week for Apr 9, 2019

By Tania Lasenburg

Alright… let’s set this week’s scene:

So you get into a groove that nothing can pull you out of. You’re vibing and bopping. You’re still chill but you have pep in your step. And then all of a sudden, you start smiling . . . smiling real hard at nothing. And now you’re feeling yourself.

This playlist is for you.

1). Wanna Love you Girl- Robin Thicke

He is not saying anything worth remembering but that Pharrell beat thought?

2). Diddy Bop- Noname

Noname should be a household name. This song proves it.

3). When We Get By- D’Angelo

Bring you back down for a bit with a classic.

4). Energy- Big K.R.I.T.

Feelings is what this should be called because all you feel is Jill and K.R.I.T.

5). I’m Still in Love With You– Sean Paul

Do I really need to say it?

6). I’d Rather Be With You– Bootsy Collins

Snap. Snap. Snap.

7). Something About Us– Daft Punk

Simple and sweet

8). Falling– Jamiroquai

An oldie but surprising smoothness coming from Jamiroquai.

9). Mr. Magic– Grover Washington Jr.

Amy Winehouse did her thing with her cover but nothing beats this.

10). Crush on You – Mr. Cheeks

How can you not appreciate this song?

11). Tell Me– Groove Theory

Classic bop that gave us Amel Larrieux and fine ass Bryce Wilson.

12). In the Closet– Michael Jackson

I’m biased. This is my favorite MJ song.

Bonus* Her Favorite Song– Mayer Hawthorne

This is just a bad (bad meaning good) record. Can’t describe it any other way.