Netflix Releases Trailer for Black Mirror Season 5 starring Anthony Mackie

By Shumara Thomas

Netflix decided to make Hump Day special by dropping the trailer for their popular sci-fi series Black Mirror. This season will feature only 3 new stories by writer Charlie Brooker.

Last December Netflix released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch which was a visual storytelling similar to the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. Fans could pick character choices as the episodes ran that would produce varied outcomes.

This season goes back to the examination of technology and its advancements possible dark effects on society. We’re not given specific information but clips show Miley Cyrus as a virtual reality star; Avengers : Endgame‘s Anthony Mackie as a bored husband of Nicole Beharie invited to swipe adventure into his life and Andrew Scott having a meltdown being constantly surrounded by digital devices.

Black Mirror delivers in a consistent way with fewer episodes than most shows can do with a full 10-episode arc. The season premieres on June 5th.