That Vibe: Notes and Narratives’ Weekly Playlist for July 2nd

by: tania lasenburg

Instead of our usual Vibe Playlist, we are going to do something different and breakdown/appreciate an album. Perhaps we will introduce you to someone new.

Amerie is an artist that is highly underrated. Yes, I said it. Her first album All I have is certified classic and although she had hits after her first album (More Than Love, One Thing, Pretty Brown) the hype was dying down.

Despite this, Amerie has been releasing albums and her latest project, 4AM Mulholland, has everyone remember that Amerie has always been fire. But right now we are going to talk about what started it all.

Track 1: Why Don’t We Fall in Love

The national anthem for the beginning of summer.  When this song plays, you know the weather is getting real nice, people are outside again, the icy cart is riding around and Mr. Softee is making its round for everyone. This song is a start to something new and beautiful.

Track 2: Talkin’ to Me

This song is way deeper than love at first sight and if anyone tells you anything different they have no idea what they are listening to. It plays on that saying “the eyes never lie” or “the truth is within the eyes” that is exactly what this song is. Two people who want love and specifically want love with each other see it within their eyes and kind of play around with it until they actually go for it.

Oh and I forgot to mention, you will always and I mean always catch me stopping what I am doing to scream “EVERRRRRRY TIME OUR EYES MEEEET”

Track 3: Nothing like Loving You

The beauty of this song is how simple it is. You ever had that one person who just does something to you and its not that they are bad for you, its just complicated for whatever reason. Its like being in love with your friend but not wanting to ruin the friendship but y’all keep testing those waters like something is not going happen. . . yeah that is exactly what this song is.

Its vague but you are okay with because the words a raw.

Track 4: Can’t Let Go

This is cute. Not the strongest record on the album, however, its one of those songs that you would not skip. Once Amerie starts singing, you’re into it. You want to hear the story because that is exactly the way it is. There is a beginning and end as if it’s a short story; beginning with someone who is unsure but ends up knowing exactly what they want. I dig it.

Track 5: Need You Tonight

Just like the previous track, you don’t change the channel because Amerie has something to say. With the beat, which feels heavy, its hard not to nod your head and want to a very specific energy to come out it. This song is different from the previous tracks and although it’s a bit unsure of what they were thinking it is very clear that Amerie wanted to show range. You see it here.

Track 6: Got To Be There

There is something about this song where you think that you aren’t going to like it but you don’t change the channel and by time you get to the end of the song, your booping to it and its in your head.

Track 7: I Just Died

Not going to lie my favorite track on the album and it is purely due to beat, which was produced by Rich Harrison. Instantly I am sucked into this song because literally what she is saying is what sometimes happens to people. You melt.

Seriously if you never heard of that phrase in regards to being with someone, I really don’t know. To simply put have you ever been hugged by someone you either love, miss or really really like and you give that *sigh*? Well this song is that. If you needed words to fit that moment, this song is it.

Track 8: Hatin’ On You

This gives you the same vibe at Got to be There. You don’t turn the channel because you like where the beat is taking you and you finish the track.

Track 9: Float

This song is super light in every sense of the word. Her voice, the rhythm and how you feel during the track. Its exactly what you want to feel when you just want some really good music.

Track 10: Show Me

For me this track is empowering because it is a woman deciding that this person is worth her love and effort. It is a woman who thought about the cons of being with someone, about being open and decided to give this person a shot. I love this and you can feel that this song (not to say that the other songs don’t) deeply means something to her.

Track 11: All I have

Despite all the love in the world, sometimes things have to end. And that is the sad reality and this song expresses that mutual love but understanding that its time to move on.

Track 12: Outro

It a simple conclusion to a great album. This is is more for Amerie bringing everything to a full circle and acknowledging everything she has been through to get to this point.