Issa Review [For Adults]: Pink Slip by Katrina Jackson

by: tania lasenburg

Kierra was a poor poet looking for a job while she worked toward her dream of becoming a published poet. One day she accidentally becomes the personal assistant to married spies. For the last three years she’s lusted after them, not very secretively, until finally she decides it’s time to move on with her life and gives her notice.

During her last week of work, her bosses whisk her away to Serbia for a top secret mission that only she can help them complete. And in the middle of dispatching a European dictator, Kierra and her bosses give in to their deepest desires. – Goodreads

First and foremost, let it be known that when I say [For Adults] I mean erotica or a book that is filled with heavy sexual suggestions. So if this isn’t for you, I thank you for attempting to read this review.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, we have to talk about the cover; completely different from what the usual erotica covers look like. I was a bit taken back. Although the summary tells you what the book is about, it still was a shock  because what I saw was a romance that had some kinky elements to it.

Did the book have romance in it? Kind of and this is the area that dropped the rating for me. You get your prologues, where you find out how the spies met each other and how they meet Kierra but once the story starts going, there is really nothing that ties these three into a romance. It is lust in every which way. The idea of wanting someone that you “can’t” have and then allowing yourself to have it drives not only the story but also the Kierra, Lana & Monica (The Spies).

I wanted more of a romance, shoot I wanted more of a chase; something to make it seem real, ya know?

But let’s talk about the sex; it wouldn’t be an erotica without. After a boat load of teasing, it got hot and heavy but it wasn’t as kinky as I thought it would lol I don’t know what I was expecting but yeah there is that.

What I liked about the book was the spy aspect of it and I wished the author took more time into giving more details about this as them being spies and going on this mission was the initial push for the book. This is not to say they weren’t kicking butt silently and in the most ridiculous ways, no. This is to say that I would have liked the book to have been longer to provide more insight into the organization and to build Lana & Monica themselves, not only their relationship but as individuals as the book is written in different perspectives.

Overall, this is a solid read and if you are looking for something with some action and a good ole threesome, this book is for you.