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Creative Director and Editor in Chief

A concert and portrait photographer based in Raleigh, NC, she turns photographs, she captures, into art pieces which have been featured both internationally and domestically.

Cathy has created her own space in which she comfortably sits – Photography to Art.  In 2011, Reflections by Cathy Foreman was created and she hasn’t looked back.

To her credit, Cathy is a published creative who has shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions as well as graced the covers of two magazines; Blaque Canvas and 919 Magazine.

Family, travel and music are the sum of what makes Cathy tick. It just so happens that all of these things power her drive and determination to succeed. Cathy is tremendously close to her son and mother and loves to share her travel adventures with them.

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IG: reflectionsxcf or photographyxcf


Literary Editor and Writer

Owner of Motif by Tanya, a book review and interview website, Tania Lasenburg is the New Yorker, who wears timberland boots in the summer. When she is not behind a book or trying a new dish, she is spending time with her family, learning a new skill, traveling or saving the day (or breaking heads) in any world via video games (Playstation!).

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Twitter: @motifink


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